Okay Guys update as of 9/8/2012 we have new players and if everyone is still interested we can maybe get started in the coming weeks

Ok So we need a place to play 4-6 players and a DM. If anyone is interesting send me a message with ideas or questions. This is going to be a FUN campaign,

no rule nazis,

no cry babies (i.e if you get grabbed by a choker then it happened. No whining and saying it didn’t happen because you were flying in semi concentric circle)

No playing pixies or fey and just f*lying around doing nothing*. If you want to get heavy into role play feel free, create a town, have children go nuts.

Plenty of dungeon crawling. Plenty of magic. Starting level 8 ideally have a back story for extra cred. But If anyone wants to DM step up and come on. I have only 1 golden rule Divine spellcasters do not have to prepare spells. (otherwise what separates them from arcane???)

Spell compendium is open, as are all core 3.5 books I.E PhB 1 2 etc.
Sandstorm, other stuff rofl.

No action points or synergy bonus. I am taking this away to keep things simple but yet again if there are objections let me know.

Also druids can pick any animal as a companion

Ok so update


2 players so far, one GOOD Dm needed

As for time i am thinking Saturdays 1pm – whenever or sundays same time but this depends on our host and players schedules. But Don’t we all miss those days of 9 hours of munching food drink and D&D hahaha

If anyone has any other Homebrew rules they would like considered let me know, This is a D&D Democracy hahaha.
Starting characters roll 4d6 and choose the 3 highest dice for statistics. Players choose where to allocate the final six numbers.

All spells have verbal and somatic components. No spell requires material components.

0 level spells are unlimited (cantrips_) So you can cast light on everything in a room or use cure minor wounds 30 times for 30 hp but it takes time ^^

The divine spell Deathwatch is not considered an “Evil” spell, as it certainly has practical uses for non-evil persons.

Rules on dragonhide are listed here http://www.deathquaker.org/gaming/dragonhide.html

3.5 Potential